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    sep. - Join Date: 01/26/ | Posts: 9. I have had my share of tantra massages over the years from both male and females. In both situations, nothing sexual has ever happened or implied. I do have to admit that with a male therapist, the options of being in underwear, draped or nude without draping was offered. aug. - the guy I am dating told me he used to go to have tantric massage sessions in some place (including ejaculating!!) and that he stopped doing that now. I want to ask her these things and am curious if she has ever got really sensual with a client etc. but don't want to come off as it is genuine . i dated a masseuse for 4 years almost never got massages.. got sexy multiple times a day though, and BJs whenever. she just never liked to give  Barney the dinosaur now runs a tantric sex business.

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    Har aldri hørt om innvendig utbrudd kombinert med at man kanskje føler seg litt utenfor når det gjelder herpes 1? Og blir man helt "spedalsk" hvis man er åpen om det? Andre får blemmer i munnhulen, i skjeden, rundt skjedeåpningen eller i eksemflekker på huden. Skjult ID med pseudonym sunway77 ma. dating forum tantra masseuse

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